Man of many interests, with deepest love for IT. In previous life, specializing in backend and data & systems integration technologies. Independent security researcher, Web3 contributor (full stack and Smart Contracts), Code4rena certified warden & Developer DAO member. REACH auditing school mentor. Cooperating with multiple auditing companies providing security expertise. Passionate about Linux, programming and language learning. Open-minded, people person.

Security research


Found multiple issues in projects deployed on mainnet. E.g.:

  • Angle protocol CRITICAL - user funds draining via reentrancy attack
  • Angle protocol CRITICAL - stealing vault from a user
  • Nomad bridge HIGH - one message bridge DoS
  • Nomad bridge LOW - gas stealing from relayer
  • (classified) HIGH - one message bridge DoS
  • (classified) LOW - gas stealing from relayer
  • (classified) MED - unable to prove validator fraud on-chain
  • (classified) HIGH - unauthorized call to any protocol escrowed NFT

Trust mentorship

I was a top security researcher Trust's mentee over the 4 months period. In this period I learned many tools and techniques, that allowed me to place top in multiple audit contests and find multiple issues on Immunefi.

Competitive audits

Private audit


Software engineering

IDriss contributor

Web3 swiss-knife for non crypto-native people.

Writing smart contracts & full stackTypeScript, Solidity, Hardhat

Turbo-DIPaaS - 🏆 finalist project for ETHOnline 2022

No code Web3 integration project. TypeScript, NodeJS, React